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    Cannot hide marker when second measure is null/zero

    Richard Bartley

      Hi everyone,


      I have a combo chart where the value of one measure is null for some years, while the other measure is not null (see 2012 and 2013 below)


      Organic Null 2nd Measure.PNG


      I have attempted to exclude the nulls from the chart, but this is not working.  The definition is:


      if(getSelectedCount([Member State Name])=0,Num(Sum({<CHART_SUB_ID={'2_2'},[Member State Name]= {'European Union'}, TIME_PERIOD={">=2012"},[Data Null Flag]={'0'},[Data Zero Flag]={'0'}>}DATA),'# ##0'),Num(Sum({<CHART_SUB_ID={'2_2'},[Member State Name]= {$(=vMSValue)}, TIME_PERIOD={">=2012"},[Data Null Flag]={'0'},[Data Zero Flag]={'0'}>}DATA),'# ##0'))


      From displaying this data in a table (see below), I can see that for 2012 and 2013 we have NULL values.



      Organic Null 2nd Measure Table.PNG



      And if I remove the first measure, the null records are hidden:



      Organic Null 2nd Measure 1 measure.PNG


      So, it seems to me that the instruction in the set analysis is simply being ignored when two measures are used in a combo chart. I have also tried simply adding if([Data Zero Flag]='0'...., but this does not work either.


      Does anyone have any workaround for this?