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    Using KPI as a Filter in Qlik Sense

    Cheryl Richter

      Qlik Sense specific answers please.


      I've read through the forum and get the feeling this isn't possible.  I've created three KPI's using Set Analysis to get groupings of



      Under 80%


      User loves this, but now wants to click on the KPI result and have the sheet objects filter on that result.  Anyone ever get this to work?

      Any suggestions on how to 'fake it'?  Any extensions that might help?


      I know a filter or a table would work, but that's definitely not what they want.  I know you can click on a text object to take you to a specific sheet, I was hoping there was something similar to pull out the KPI criteria into a filter.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Thank you!



      ...you guys have been so helpful!  If I've forgotten to thank anyone, please don't think I'm not grateful...still absorbing everything in!