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    Rolling 3 months

    Anand Chouhan

      Hi All,


      How to show Rolling 3 months in X-axis and if i select Jun-09 it should display Apr-09,May-09,Jun-09 in x-axis like ways it should be work on all dates like current date also.





        • Rolling 3 months
          Leonard Short

          Have you tried using set analysis?


          Current Month:

          Sum({$<[month]={$(=max([month]))}>} [Net Revenue])


          for last month:

          Sum({$<[month]={$(=max([month])-1)}>} [Net Revenue])

            • Rolling 3 months
              Anand Chouhan

              I have this type of data please explain for that with any qvw file.


                  Month, Sales

                  Jan-09, 55

                  Feb-09, 39

                  Mar-09, 33

                  Apr-09, 56

                  May-09, 55

                  Jun-09, 70

                  Jul-09, 57

                  Aug-09, 29

                  Sep-09, 34

                  Oct-09, 41

                  Nov-09, 12

                  Dec-09, 11

                  Jan-10, 24

                  Feb-10, 85

                  Mar-10, 99

                  Apr-10, 77

                  May-10, 85

                  Jun-10, 64

                  Jul-10, 61

                  Aug-10, 45

                  Sep-10, 62

                  Oct-10, 70

                  Nov-10, 59

                  Dec-10, 25

                  Jan-11, 86

                  Feb-11, 92

                  Mar-11, 67

                  Apr-11, 65

                  May-11, 39

                  Jun-11, 70

                • Rolling 3 months
                  Leonard Short

                  Create a listbox with Month in it, then create a chart with Month as the dimension. Then create the following 3 expressions:

                  Current Month:Sum({$<[Month]={$(=max([Month]))}>} [Sales])

                  One Month Back: Sum({$<[Month]={$(=max([Month])-1)}>} [Sales])

                  Two Months Back: Sum({$<[Month]={$(=max([Month])-2)}>} [Sales])


                  Now select any month from your list box and the expressions above will give you that months sales plus the two prior months.