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    How to create average reference lines in scatter plot on different levels of hierarchy?

    Vivekanand Joshi

      I have two dimensions,


      clusters and customers


      Cluster is a set of customers.


      I am using an scatter plot and reference lines to create 4 quadrants.




      If I go inside any cluster, I want to see the same reference line for that levels. For example, if I select cluster 7, my plot should be like below.





      Is there a way to do that? In this case, I did it manually to show what I want.


      Formulae used for averages :


      On cluster level := sum(ActualSalesValue)/count(distinct Behavioural_Class)

      On customer Level:= sum(ActualSalesValue)/count(distinct Customer)


      I tried to use dimensionality but I don't get a value greater than 0 in any case.


      Below is what I tried and is not giving me results.


      =if (Dimensionality() > 0,  sum(ActualSalesValue)/count(distinct Behavioural_Class), sum(ActualSalesValue)/count(distinct Customer))