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    Tim Poismans

      Hi all


      I got the following problem:


      I have a calculated value per week. Now I need to sum that value up per week,


      So F is the calculated value. In the current week (noted by date of the Friday of that week), it has a value of 3. The week after, it has a value of 3 as well, but I want to see the sum of both, so 6. In the 3rd week, another 3 is calculated, so I want to see the total of 9.


      I tried using the RangeSum(Above()) function, but it only takes the first week into account and doesn't add the following:

      RangeSum(Above(Sum({<Date={"<=$(=$(vToDate))"}, DateType={'Forecast'}>}Forecastaantal),0,1000))



      Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!



      Kind regards,


      Tim P.