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    [Question] access Qlik Central Server log to get real-time concurrent user number?

    Kai Shen

      I’m building a mashup page on our enterprise Qlik server. I need the concurrent user numbers as a gatekeeper to determine whether to disable or enable the hyperlink embedded on the mashup page. I was trying to send HTTP request to get the Qlik engine health information using javascript. This approach should allow me to get real-time concurrent user numbers.


      However, there are several servers configured. The one viewed by the end user is only a web proxy which does not have an engine. Only the central node hold the logs. As a result, I am not able to get the healthcheck results via direct URL because the request will hit the web server first and I cannot hit the central node.


      It seems the only feasible approach is to read the concurrent user number from operation monitor app. Could I get your advice on this matter? Is it not recommended and not feasible to pin the central node to get the real-time current user for our case?




      Reference from Qlik help:



      Below is the java script used in my landing page:


      function gatekeeper_httpGet(){

      var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

      1. xmlHttp.open("GET",'http://server.domain.com/engine/healthcheck/',false);
      2. console.log(xmlHttp.responseText);

      var healthcheck = JSON.parse(xmlHttp.responseText);

      1. console.log(healthcheck.users.active);