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    Incomplete Visualization using Master Items

    Robert Pereira

      Using Qlik Sense 3.2.2

      Is there a workaround for the following issue?


      1. Publish an app

      2. In the Published App, Create a new Sheet (My sheets)

      3. On the new sheet:-

        - Create Master Items

        - Create a Visualization that uses the Master Item

      4. Publish the new Sheet to the Community

      5. Another user then opens the App and opens the new Community Sheet

      6. PROBLEM: The visualization on the sheet shows as "Incomplete Visualization"


      Our only known potential workaround for this problem is to duplicate the published app and re-publish the app overwriting the original published app.  We believe that this activity would make the Master Items (within the App) public and become available to the Community and therefore enable the Visualization to render successfully.


      Is there any other way to manage this issue, without having to re-publish the App each time?