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    How to calculate Active Users (static and trend) on Qlik Sense?

    Francesco Erriquez

      Hello Qlik Sense community!


      I am currently working with a mobile payments startup and I was wandering how to calculate static (%) and dynamic (trend) active users (monthly, weekly, daily) on Qlik Sense. The idea is to plot them in a KPI (static) and in a chart (dynamic) Qlik Sense element.


      The calculation I wanna make is the following: e.g. MAU=(active users in month X) / (total number of users up to month X)


      What I have not figured out so far is:

      A) how to tell Qlik Sense to say a user is "active" if she has recharged/paid/etc. at least once in the relevant period

      B) how to tell Qlik Sense to count total users up to a specific day

      C) how to tell Qlik Sense to count the active users in the last 7 or 30 days (given the flag at point A)


      Thank you very much in advance for you help!