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    Dimension Names

    Prakhar Khandelwal


      I am using Marquee Extension provided in the Qlik Branch Github.

      I wanted to Extract the Dimension Names from the js file and

      Display them at the top of the Extension(below Title) without animations..
      Means The Dimension and Meausre Name should be constant at the top and the respective values should be animated.


      Can It be possible?

      Please suggest me if any.

        • Re: Dimension Names
          Arjun Mohan

          Hi Prakhar,


          If you already know how to develop extensions the you can use the following code:


          Where, hypercube is a variable,ie, var hypercube = layout.qHyperCube

                      qDimensionInfo[0] is dimension value in array 0

                      qFallbackTitle is the title of the dimension


          It will fetch the dimension name from the hypercube and display it on below the title. You may write it in your 'paint' script.


          If you are not an extension developer,  then perhaps you can share the link of the extension? I'll take a look