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    How to Disable or Modify Mouse Over (Hover) Text in Table Object

    Shannon Neal

      Good Morning,


      Is there a way to either disable or modify the text that appears when you mouse-over (hover over) text in a Qlik Sense Table object?


      For example, if the displayed title for my table is Future Sales; when I mouse over this title, the same title name (Future Sales) is displayed as the hover text pop-up.  The same goes for any values listed in the table.  If I mouse over the number 500, 500 is displayed as the hover text pop-up.


      For the title, I either want to disable this feature or modify the text to provide the user with a brief description of the object.  For the table values, I want to completely disable this feature.


      Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance for your assistance!


      Please Note: I searched the forum prior to submitting my question, but did not find a solution.