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    Sorting dimension fields in mashup qHyperCube

    Tuomas Lammi


      I have a hypercuby like this (just part of it):





         "qDef": {

         "qFieldDefs": [

         "ISO Code"



         "qNullSuppression": true,

         "qOtherTotalSpec": {

         "qOtherMode": "OTHER_OFF",

         "qSuppressOther": true,

         "qOtherSortMode": "OTHER_SORT_DESCENDING",

         "qOtherCounted": {

         "qv": "5"


         "qOtherLimitMode": "OTHER_GE_LIMIT"




      How can I add a ascending sort by expression to a dimension? For measures, the qhypercube editor adds an sort object but for dimensions theres no option like that. In qlik sense editor, I can do it like this:




      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


      // T