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    Navigation to specific sheet based on selected Radio Button Value(List Box) in QlikSense

    radha k


      Create a ListBox Radio button with three sheets(Inline) and Navigation button to move to specific sheet bases on Radio button value.
      But, I am unable to provide ListBox Radio button value in Navigation button to navigate to specific sheet. Here, Navigation button options are pointing to particular sheet at a time but
      I want it to navigate to specific sheet depends on Radio button value.



      Created List box of Radio Buttons like Customer,product and sales in welcome page dashboard.
      If I select radio button of customer & click on submit button,it should navigate to customer related sheet. In the same way,
      If I select product radio button & click on submit button it should navigate to Product related sheet only.

      But here we are using only one button(submit) and it should navigate to multiple sheets bases on selection.
      As we are unable to provide dynamic selection value to Navigation button, this functionality is not working.

      Please suggest how can we achieve this through expression or any extension available in Qliksense.