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    Help with Scheduling a QVW

      Hello guys,


      I need to reload a qvw every 1,11 and 21 day of every month. My company works with QV 9.0, and i couldn't find such configuration

      in the reload scheduler of QEMC.


      Is there anywhere in Qlikview Plataform that i could set up this configuration? For now, i don't wanna reload this document every day and

      solve this with conditional scripts in the document. But, of course if i don't find a solution i'll write a script like this.



      Hope you can help me.


      Thanks in advance,



        • Help with Scheduling a QVW
          Brent Nichol

          Which version are you using?  Do you have Publisher?


          I'm using version 9 SR7, and I'm able to configure the reload that you mentioned.  See the following screenshot...



            • Help with Scheduling a QVW

              you could also just write that into your application script and run it every day.


              If day(today()) = 1 or day(today()) = 11 or day(today()) = 21 then

                   do everything you need to do


              • Help with Scheduling a QVW

                That would be perfect, but i don't think i have publisher installed, or i never used it. What i have is the QEMC - Qlikview Enterprise Management Console (a web tool), and there i cannot do that with my current QV9 SR3.0.


                Is there anything i should do to run the Publisher?


                I have  a folder here called Publisher in the root of Qlikview Folder, would be something there?

                  • Help with Scheduling a QVW
                    Brent Nichol

                    The monthly trigger configuration should be available with the QlikView Server, but it might not have the same look in earlier SR releases.


                    Which version and SR are you using?


                    Publisher requires an additional license, but you should be able to do basic reload scheduling with the QVS under the Source Documents tab.