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    Labeling names to geopoints

    liesbeth tillemans



      For a client ,I need to plot the bus locations and the stops of the busses on the map in Qlik Sense 2018 april release.

      I did that, by using the gps long and latitude info.


      But when you hover over the datapoints you see the Geocode instead of the names of the buslocations?

      How can I label the bus locations with the right names? I need to do the same with the bus ids.


      I searched online but so far I have not found an answer.


      Thanks in advance,



        • Re: Labeling names to geopoints
          Patrik Lundblad

          Hi Liesbeth,


          In your layer in the map there are two sections used for this.


          Within the "Data" section you use the field/dimension that is the name of the location


          Within the "location" section you use the field(s)/dimension(s) that is for the position



          And the tooltip will then show what is in the data section