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    Ignore Null Values in Qlik Sense

    Santhosh Ashokkumar

      Hello folks,

      I have created a view and pulling data from there on to my Qlik Sense App. I have created a Table as part of my Qlik dashboard. 'Null' values are still sowing up in both dimension & measures. All I need is to ignore null values to be displayed.


      1.I tried unchecking- include Null Values from the properties panel

      2.Tried these scripts: (Right now all these lines are part of my Qlik App)

      SET NullInterpret='';



      SET  NullValue='NULL';

      3.My SQL view is something like this:-

      case when Prediction='Yes' and Date is NULL then StudentID else Null end NewStudID


      Note: Am using Data Load Editor to pull data in and storing it as a qvd.

                After that, I tried to set nulls through Data manager but there is no option to do it.


      Plz, help me out. Thanks in advance..!!