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    Shanace Faria

      If I have revenue in one of my KPI's, how do I add a little indicator of its revenue vs last year? For example, lets say revenue was $100 this year and last year was $50, so my KPI for this year would have a little green arrow with the percentage of how much it went up (200%) according to the previous year. Please let me know if this is possible.

      Thank You!

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          bruno bertels



          In Qlik Sense you can use a KPI Object


          Add your mesure for current year revenue

          maybe something like this to get the max year available




          To get the % versus last year

          add a second mesure like this

          Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year(Date)))}>}revenue) / Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year(Date)-1))}>}revenue)

          select format as personalized

          model format :

          add this format : ▲  ###0,0%;▼  ###0,0%

          color by expression :


          Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year(Date)))}>}revenue) / Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year(Date)-1))}>}revenue)>0,rgb(0, 255, 110),rgb(255, 0, 34))

          hope it helps



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              Shanace Faria

              Hi Bruno,

              Can you help me with the 'versus last years revenue' percentage formula? My year is 'Fiscal Year' and Revenue is 'Revenue'



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                  bruno bertels

                  may be this :


                  Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year([Fiscal Year])))}>}Revenue) / Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year([Fiscal Year])-1))}>}Revenue)

                  color :


                  Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year([Fiscal Year])))}>}Revenue) / Sum({$<Date={$(=max(year([Fiscal Year])-1))}>}Revenue)>0,rgb(0, 255, 110),rgb(255, 0, 34))