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    Chart to show all Values when 0 and filtered down upon

    Aaron Dhobi

      Hi Guys,


      Bit of a technical question.


      I need my chart to show certain values when they are null


      I have 5 items







      Only some [Shops] have these items.

      In [Reporting period] only some of these items have been sold depending on time.


      I want when i filter down to show all the null values that are assoicated to each shop and Reporting Period


      For example: London shop only sells Tshirts and Jeans. Birmingham shop sells Shoes and accessories.

      If i filter on London I want to see all the items that did not sell, The 0s basically.


      I have been able to achieve what I want when I filter on shop but not on Reporting period.


      Sum({<Shop+={' '}>}[Item])


      Is there a way to add in reporting period? To make the result dynamic to the two filters? ([Shop], [Reporting Period])