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    Creating Limited Dimensions in Various Date Ranges

    Michael Bailey

      Hi all,


      I'm giving the QlikSense to old once-over before I write up a case to start implementing it into my organisation and am creating a few example dashboard that I think will be useful.


      One that I am having particular issues with is a Sales Type dashboard. So I've imported two years worth of sales from various items via a SQL stored procedure and want to present various sales trends in line graph format.


      Obviously, I can do the whole set over time for the 2 years worth but I am struggling to show only the last 30 days worth of sales in a chart, either for all the sales data or for user-selected items.


      In SSRS, i would just add a filter to say [Date] >= DATEADD(Dateinterval.Day,-30,NOW()).


      Can I do something simular with Dimension Limitations or am i barking up the wrong tree?