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    How does Qlikview get NTNAME and NTDOMAINSID?

    Dominic Ayling

      Hi All


      My network team have asked me how Qlikview get's hold of the NTNAME and NTDOMAINSID and does it use LDAP?


      Another question they've asked is if the QV plugin for IE is deployable through SCCM?


      Also is there any documentation from Qlikview that goes into this is any more depth?


      Any advice welcome!





        • How does Qlikview get NTNAME and NTDOMAINSID?

          Hi there,


          Re 2nd question: I have experience with QV plug-ins and MS SMS. No reason why it should not work with SCCM.


          Re 1st question : There were some teething problems with QV 8.0 to support properly AD (LDAP) authentication, fixed since then though.

          All script commands regarding NTNAME and NTDOMAINSID are decribed in QV manual. Basically QV pulls all info from AD controller.