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    beppino temellin

      an information, very please..

      in a table1 I need to highlight the data for a single month, so in advance I select the month that interests me (filters), in another table2 instead I need the data for two months (and then select the two months that I interest);

      would it be possible to "block" the selections, so that in table 1 the data refer to a month, and in table 2 the data referring to two months?

      and maybe, after, being able to merge into a single large table ..   would be the best.

      I hope I was sufficiently clear.

      Thank you very much.

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          Youssef Belloum



          you can use Set Analysis on your expressions or Alternate state to be able to attach each table on different selections.


          just attach sample app or sample data to see what is the right solution for you

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            Khalil Foudhaily

            your request is not sufficiently clear I think.

            - do you need to fix the values always in the same months (for exemple always last month and last 2 months)?

            if yes it's set analysis that you need

            - or being able to keep both selections seperated in the selections so user can select whatever he wants?

            if yes it's alternate state that you need.

            pleas provide more details about your data, app and what you need to do I will post a more helpfull reply.


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                beppino temellin

                thank you kh fou,

                generally (99% of cases), I need the data of the last mont in a table, and the last two monts in another one

                I understand, given the answer of youssefbelloum (thank you!), set analysis can help me.. so I've to study those ones



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                    Khalil Foudhaily

                    please mark reponses as useful and solved if you have no more questions.

                    thank you

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                        beppino temellin

                        excuse me the banality of the question .. I have to insert set analysis in the table where I need data for 1 month, or in the one where I need the data for 2 months?

                        I assume that, of course, both the months are highlighted in the filters.


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                            Youssef Belloum

                            You have to put set analysis on both tables.. and can use only one month filter to rollback one month in first table and two months in second table

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                              David Forest

                              Set analysis will filter the data, but it does not set filters.

                              There is no User visible clue that the data is filtered by Set Analysis.


                              If the user needs to select a month (for that 1%), then it would be "easier" if you trained them to select the month (last month) upon opening the app and have the second table be selected month and month prior using Set analysis.


                              You can go a more complex route of testing for a selection of month and defaulting to a month if none is selected requiring Set analysis on both tables.


                              In either case it might be a good idea to set the Title to reflect what is shown in each table based on the selections/set analysis.