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    Bar chart with bar percent relative to entire chart

    Mohamed Elafifi

      Hi Qlik community!


      I have a bar graph that currently displays the counts of incidents. I also have a custom toggle, that when clicked, changes the KPI's on the sheet to a percentage, instead of a count. I want to implement this on a bar graph, but I am having an issue summing up all the values within the bar graph itself. Here is a picture of the current bar graph:



      As you can see, the totals of the bars above add up to 42. So when I click the percentage toggle (not shown here), for the first bar at the top I expect to see 10/42*100 which would amount to 23.8 percent. However, I am getting 10/10 which is understandable because it is only counting the total for that dimension/measure combo.


      So, does anyone know a calculation that will sum up the values from the entire bar chart, so that I can be able to divide by it to produce a percentage upon toggling?


      Any help will be much appreciated!




      EDIT/NOTE: The number needs to be dynamic, so I cannot create a static variable!