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    Folder Structure For QlikSense

    poppy pearce

      Is there Any Recommended Folder Structure for QlikSense, when we deploy QlikSense at the Enterprise Level. Please Suggest.




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          Thomas Karner

          No, not really. But for sure there are some best-practices (most of those can be re-used from QlikView).

          What you should consider: Folders are accessible in Qlik Sense as Data Connections.


          You should think about which different access permissions you´ll have, because you can configure them via security rules on data connections.


          One example could be

          a) Folder Ressources for central scripts and public data

          b) Metadata to maintain central configuration data which should only be accessible for admins

          c) Extract - raw extracted data, only accessiblie for admins

          d) Transform - contains transformed, prepared and readable data

          e) DataModel - contains data models, which are used in apps


          In the folders Extract, Transform per source system to differentiate.

          But this is just one example. There are others with less folders (and data connections).

          I would not recommend having more folders, resulting in more data connections.