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    Text apostrophe with formula in variable

    Pedro Alcalá


      I have the following problem and I can't find a solution. I have defined the next variable in the variable interface:






      I have introduced the ' apostrophe symbol because I'm using this variable value in the following formula in order to select this single month in the addition:




      If I don't introduce this ' in the variable, the addition doesn't work.

      Now I want to automate this variable and i have defined it with this formula:


      =Pick(1,[Actual Month])


      I have the current month P08 selected but without apostrophe ' and the Sum formula doesn't work. I have tried different ways to include this apostrophe:


      ='''&Pick(1,[Actual Month])&'''          -->  apostrophe in apostrophe

      ="'"&Pick(1,[Actual Month])&"'"        -->  apostrophe in quotations marks


      These solutions didn't work.

      Someone can help me with this issue? How can include an apostrophe and a formula together?


      Thank you so much!