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    Count first instance of after a given date(based on another field)

    Kwok Li



      I have two tables:

      1 shows events which occurred

      2 shows the number of activities and related details.


      I want to create a flag which I will count to say if an activity occurred after an event.


      e.g if there was an event occurred 12.06.18 and an several activities occurred post 12.06.18 e.g. 1 activity on 13.06 and 2 activities on 14.06 then I just want to identify these but ultimately count them as just 1.  I've been trying a flag in the script and then count distinct in the front end but not getting what I want.


      There could be multiple events and I don't want to count activities before an event has happened.


      I will also want to understand difference between dates like event and first activity after event.