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    Date and time from excel

    Del Booth

      I have created a 2 master calendars from the same data source as they refer to different stages of the process ie order entry and collection dates.


      My question is that when I use the below expression:

      Sum({<ColYear={'2018'},ColWeek = {"$(=Week(Today())-1)"}>}[Quantity Collected])


      ColYear and Col]Week refer to the dates in the collection master calendar and gives the correct values.  i then created

      Sum({<EntYear={'2018'},EntWeek = {"$(=Week(Today())-1)"}>}[Quantity Collected]) whci refers to the second master calendar.  This does not seem to work and the question  -


      Does the date format matter ie for 1st master calendar the date formats are all 27/07/2017 00:00 and the second is 18/04/2017 14:50 in that it has time value as well not 00:00.

      Do I need to set the 2nd calendar dates to have time value of 00:00