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    Combining Data From One Table

    Elizabeth Viso

      Hello everyone,


      I have one table:



      [ID] AS [Record ID],



      [equip] AS [Type Equipment],

      [equiploc] AS [Location],

      [firex_type] AS [firex_type],

      [firex_size] AS [firex_size],

      [bc_num] AS [Scanned BarCode Number],

      [building] AS [Building],

      [floor] AS [floor],

      [my_scan] AS [Scanned Bar Code],

      [completed_] AS [completed_],

      [tech_] AS [tech_],

      [retired_barcode] AS [retired_barcode],

      [new_barcode_] AS [new_barcode_],

      [comments] AS [comments],

      [buidling] AS [Other Buidling]



      But both [bc_num] AS [Scanned BarCode Number] & [my_scan] AS [Scanned Bar Code] can have the same number, no number or just one of them has the number. So what I want it to do is combine them so that it displays in my table just one number:

      I tried combing them by adding:

      bc_num] &'-'& [my_scan] AS [Barcode Number],

      But that gives me data like this:


      What I need is for it to show the number just once.

      Any ideas?