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    YOY comparison, ignore selection for one year

    Michael Ellerbeck

      Not quite sure how to define this, but given


      LOAD * INLINE [

          Shipment Year, Benchmark, Revenue, Region

          2018, A, 100, 1

          2018, A, 200, 2

          2018, C, 300, 1

          2017, B, 50, 1

          2017, B, 100, 2



      So they want a chart that displays sum of Revenue for 2017 versus 2018. The problem is the benchmark for 2017 doesn't match 2018.

      So if benchmark A is selected then the 2017 data isn't selectable. I can use

      SUM({1<[Shipment Year]=>} Revenue) for full set, but then selections that are made in region aren't reflected.

      So, Shipment year of 2018 is selected and Benchmark A is selected. I would like 2017 to ignore the Benchmark selection but still be able to make selections in Region to display for 2017 and 2018.

      Thanks for any thoughts!


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