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    Graph of future sales forecast based on historical QlikSense

    Itzel Quintero




      Hello, I request your kind support to create in QLIKSENSE a trend graph (or forecast) of sales based on the weekly sale of the previous weeks of 2018, the graph I have is the following and what I do not want is to see that drop to zero in the following weeks, if not rather a forecast that is made based on the average of the previous weeks.




      In excel you get with this formula




      = YES (SUM (AV27: AV7498) <= 0, AVERAGE ($ AR25: $ AU25), SUM (AV27: AV7498))


      In Qlik Sense I do not have how to assign that value in that way because obviously I do not have data loaded for future weeks ...


      I hope you have explained me well and that someone can guide me.


      Thank you very much.