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    Count each daily instance within date range

    Jeremiah Bakerstull

      I'm very new to qlik. My goal is to create a sheet that count's every person on a daily instance within a date range.

      An example would: Report period : 5/1/2018 - 5/31/2018.

      A person has a service that starts on 5/8/2018 through 5/10/2018.  Reenters on May 12th through 13th.

      The table would listed the days of the separately month

      May 1st

      May 2nd

      May 3rd

      May 4th


      May 31st

      There would be a column that counts

      May 7th : 0

      May 8th: 1

      May 9th 1

      May 10th :1

      May 11th 0

      May:12th: 1

      May 13th:1

      May 14th:0

      How difficult would it be to setup something like this in Qlik?  Is it possible?

      Thanks for your time.