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    drill down dimension doesn't work

    Wanyun Yang

      I have a drill down dimension: state-county-zipcode-customer. I'm counting order numbers as count(OrderId). But when I use the drill down dimension as dimension in the bar chart, it only shows state at first level then customer. Both county and zipcode are missing.


      I have no idea what's wrong. Any ideas on this?

      Thanks in advance!

        • Re: drill down dimension doesn't work
          Praveen Mallela

          Hi Wanyun ,


          Possibly Drill down should work .

          In Your case dont know why is it not ..

          I tried after checking your post in my dashboard it is working.


          May be i thought in your case hierarchy Problem

          I mean the Order of the drilling i guess.


          state-county-zipcode-customer ---

          county-state-zipcode-customer-- try this line once ..


          There wont be any other reason behind it i thought so. delete and recreate it once and try

          This might Helpful...