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    Is this possible within Qlikview

    Samuel Vile

      Hi All,


      I'm wandering if the following is actually possible within Qlikview, it's not something I've been able to come across: -


      • I have the a bar chart which shows by status how many tenders we've won as a company. I want it to work in a similar way as an Excel pivot table i.e. when a user double clicks a selection a separate table box is opened showing the breakdown of cases that total their selection


              Example: There are 33 cases reporting as 'Won' if the user double clicks the 'Won' section the 33 cases are then shown in a table box so the user can see the breakdown.


      I hope I've made sense and I look forward to any help if possible?!!


      Kind Regards,



        • Is this possible within Qlikview

          Something very close to what you describe should be possible.


          Create both the objects (chart and table) - obviously with no selections made the table will be large. Set the conditional show (Properties > Layout)to hide the table unless STATUS='Won' or getselectedcount(STATUS)=1. You could place further restrictions on this by adding conditions such as getselectedcount(CUSTOMER)=1.


          You could also control the display further by adding a 'Display Detail' button that switches a variable value to then show the table instead of actually clicking the bar in the chart.


          This should allow you to control the detailed data as you require.


          Any problems let me know and maybe post an example dataset.


          Hope that helps,


          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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              Samuel Vile

              Hi Matt,


              Thanks for the reply…I’m just wondering how the second option (using a display detail button) would work, how would I go about setting this up?


              Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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                  The 'Display Detail' option would work as follows:


                  Create your table as normal.

                  Create a variable (lets say vShowDetail)

                  Create a button with an action to 'Set Variable' - refer it to vShowDetail and get it to set the value to '1'. Give it the label 'Show Detail'.


                  Set the conditional show of your table to be when vShowDetail=1.


                  Set the conditional show of the button to be when vShowDetail=0 (button will disappear)


                  Create a second button exactly the same as the first that is conditionally shown when vShowDetail=1 and has the action to set the variable to '0'. Give it the label 'Hide Detail' and position exactly where the previous button was / is.


                  This is a really useful technique for controlling objects (certainly before v10 and Container Objects) but also allows us to flexibly control the display of objects.


                  I used a similar technique in my corporate Christmas Card last year - attached - look at the 'minimize' icon on the object.


                  Hope that helps,


                  Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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                      Samuel Vile

                      I had started to play around with the VB side of it and adding message boxes to the button etc...and strangely I had made a variable named the same as you and I've used the same logic too!!


                      I hadn't thought of adding another button to hide everything again though!


                      Thanks for all your help and ideas they've really helped me realise that with a little playing around the sky can be the limit!