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    Line Up 2 Rows from 2 Columns

    Ray Del Rio

      I have loaded a table where two column/row combinations need to be displayed next to each other.


      Actual Qlik Table Result

      IDField TypeField String Value Field Date Value


      I would like to get a result in a qlik table like this:


      ID1Field String ValueField Date Value


      The 2 rows in the first example share the same ID#. 

      Do I have any options of:


      1. Displaying the result in my 2nd table above.
      2. Getting to a place where I can assign the "Field Date Value" to the "Field String Value" dimension.

      I am stuck on this one and wanted to ask the community since I am missing something here.



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          Ray Del Rio

          I can't seem to get this working using crosstable.


          Any ideas?

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            kaan erisen

            Hi Ray,


            If you want to manage this on script side, you can use group by with maxstring function for the fields.




            MaxString("Field String Value") as "Field String Value",

            MaxString("Field Date Value") as "Field Date Value"

            Inline [

            ID,"Field Type","Field String Value","Field Date Value"




            group by ID;




            If you want to achieve this on front end, You can add measures to your table with maxstring function.

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                Ray Del Rio

                Thanks for this but what about if there are multiple Types/Dates for the same ID?



                ID  Field Type   Field String Value    Field Date Value
                1    Type            Started                   
                1    Date                                            6/15/18
                1    Type            Ended
                1    Date                                             6/20/18


                How would I handle this?