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    Thomas Williams



      How do I right out a simple subtraction within a measure please?


      I have written this but doesn't seem to work as the value don't subtract correctly so I must be missing somthing within my formula


      sum(Total_new - [FLD.IN_TOTAL] - Total_Net)

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          Mark Ritter

          Have you confirmed that the expected data is in each of the 3 fields and that simply subtracting them gives you what you expect?


          I would display each field and then subtract the last two and then add the third field and see what results you get along the way to figure out where it is not working.

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              Thomas Williams

              Total_new = 17,076.50

              FLD.IN_TOTAL = 3857.56

              Total_Net = 7715.12

              My total using sum(Total_new - [FLD.IN_TOTAL] - Total_Net) = 18,723.56

              but it should be 5,504.22

              When I subtract Total_new = 17,076.50 - FLD.IN_TOTAL = 3857.56 I get the correct value of 13219.34

              So the variable total_new seems to add on it's value rather than subtract and I don't know why