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    Partial Reload

      I work for a company that is a Qlikview partner.  We are doing a deployment at a client and the client gave me a few Qlikview documents that he wants me to put section access limitations into using NT security.  I just want to reload the section access part of the script because I did not build the Qlikview document...the client did, so I do not have all the connections from my end.  Is there a way to only reload part of the script...in my case, just the Section Access portion?

        • Partial Reload
          Daniel Rozental

          You can try doing a binary load of the QVW file and add a section access section.


          If that doesn't work, another idea would be to do a binary load of the first QVW, store every table into a QVD and then build a new QVW with a section access and load all the QVDs.