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    Can we loop thro Qlik sense applist to call getlayout api using Node JS

    Geetika Garg

      Able to get the list of Qlik Sense app through GetDocList method using Node JS with Qsocks bundle downloaded from internet. I need to get the Sheet level information for each appid. I tried looping through the appId and tried calling createSessionObject & getlayout method. Getting the Sheet details only for the first appid. I feel some issue with the way which I'm calling getlayout method.


      Below is the method where I'm passing each appid to get the sheet details. Please suggest me where I'm going wrong.


      function CheckFunction1(id)    


           qsocks.Connect(config).then(glob => {        



                 qInfo: {

                     qId: 'mysessionobject',

                     qType: 'SheetList'


                 qAppObjectListDef: {

                      qType: "sheet",

                      qData: {

                        "title": "/qMetaDef/title",

                        "description": "/qMetaDef/description",

                        "thumbnail": "/thumbnail",

                        "cells": "/cells",

                        "rank": "/rank",

                        "columns": "/columns",

                        "rows": "/rows"


                     qInitialDataFetch: [{

                         qWidth: 1,

                         qHeight: 1000,

                         qLeft: 0,

                         qTop: 0




               .then(model => {

                   model.getLayout().then(layout => {



                   model.on('close', () => {