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    how can i make a resident of a qvd

    siddharth soam

      i have qvd named cease.qvd. In that there is a PnL table.


      I am loading the PnL table from the qvd-

      load * from [lib://pnl/cease.qvd] (qvd);


      Then i want to make a resident table from PnL-




      "Fiscal Year",


      "Customer Group Descr",



      If(((sum(EBIDTA)/sum(new_revenue))*100)>=0 and (sum(EBIDTA)/sum(new_revenue))*100<10,'0-10%',

      If(((sum(EBIDTA)/sum(new_revenue))*100)>=10 and (sum(EBIDTA)/sum(new_revenue))*100<20,'10-20%',

      If(((sum(EBIDTA)/sum(new_revenue))*100)>=20,'>=20%','<0%')))) as EBIDTA%_categorization

      Resident PNL  //??

      Group by "Fiscal Year",Quarters,"Customer Group Descr",SBU_leaders;



      If i try making a resident of PnL it is showing me a an error. , how can i make a resident by loading the qvd with the above script.


      New to making qvd's, request your help