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    Show Zero in Table for Sum

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a table where I would like every dimension to have a '0' when it doesn't meet the Set Analysis requirement.  For instance, I have this dataset.


      LOAD * Inline
      'UserId', 'ProductType','Count'
          1, 'Cookies', 3
          1, 'Biscuits', 4
          2, 'Peas', 5
          2, 'Sugar', 6
      EXIT Script



      Then, I have a table showing the UserId and a Set Analysis value of 'SUM({<[ProductType]={'Peas'}>} Count)'.  When a UserId doesn't have any Peas, the table throws the row away, giving me this.




      What I would like is something like this.




      And of course, I've got that 'Include Zero Values' checked (but this isn't quite a zero value, it's more like some kind of Null).




      Any help is greatly appreciated.