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    Colouring based on Dimension in QlikMaps for Qlik Sense

    Jacob Luft


      I am currently working on creating a colouring scheme for a qlik map drawing that checks if a field (called SID) is null for each polygon in a map and colours it red if Null and green otherwise.

      Currently I have a sample grouping that is shown in the attached photo. 2 of these space should be red while the rest should show as green.

      The expressions I have tried in an attempt to achieve this are:

      =if(SID='','red()','green()')               This results in all the polygons being green.

      =if(isNull(SID)=0,'green()','red()')   This results in all polygons being red.

      =if(count(SID)=1,'green()','red()')   This results in all polygons being red.


      I am wondering if this syntax takes the aggregation of all rows instead of on a 1-by-1 basis which would result in all of the spaces being colored the same. And, if so is there a syntax that would result in each polygon being evaluated individually?