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    Getting Null Values to be included IN the expression

    Greg Zajic

      Null values are causing me problems in expressions.


          $10 NSSR

          $85 Various categories

          $5 Null (blank values)

          $100 Total


      Sum({<[Deal Type]={'Add-On'}>} [Amount])

      Value = $100 (as expected)


      Formula I initially used:

      Sum({<[Deal Type]={'Add-On'},[DXC Solution]=-{'NSSR'}>} [Amount])

      Value = $85 which is Total for Add-On Less the NSSR, but the Null/blank values are also excluded.


      Any Idea how to update the formula above so that the Null values ARE included

      Below is a temporary workaround but there has to be a better way and this will not work in certain more complicated situations

      Sum({<[Deal Type]={'Add-On'}>} [Amount]) - Sum({<[Deal Type]={'Add-On'},[DXC Solution]={'NSSR'}>} [Amount])


      Any assistance is appreciated.