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    Navigate in KPIs and lock filters in URL

    Rui Filipe

      Hi everyone,


      I have an app that will be used in a iframe. When the user enter into the app, the user_id is already filtered in URL

      Like this:


      <iframe src="https://<servername>/sense/app/4d541aea-a8b1-4cef-a4c2-6bda620321a9/sheet/zBAFH/state/analysis/select/User_ID/[12345]/"/>


      Is there a way to lock the filter in filter selection automatically?


      In the same app i'm using Simple KPI Extension to navigate through sheets. Is there a way that forces the user only using the kpi to navigate. In other words, how can I hide the toolbar navigation on the left side? Because, some users are not allowed to see some sheets.


      Hope I was explicit.

      Thanks in advance.