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    How do I allow access to a Mashup embedded on a webpage?

    jialiang yao

      Hi all,


      I have been searching around but I cant seem to wrap my head around how access to a Mashup embedded on a webpage works.


      I want to create a Mashup on a webpage hosted on a separate server (WAMP) and allow all users on my intranet and within my access rules to view the visualization through this webpage.


      I have created the Mashup and included the html iframe string into my webpage. When my QlikSense Desktop is open, I can view the Mashup through the webpage, but once I close QlikSense Desktop it says "An error occurred. Connection lost. Make sure that QlikSense is working properly....."


      To allow others in my stream to view the Mashup, do I have to somehow publish the Mashup to QMC as an app or extension?


      Thanks in advance.