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    Displaying missing data (NULLs?)

    Paul Nockolds



      QV10 SR2


      I have data in the following format per customer...




      I can get this demographic data into a nice orderly table with the aid of a few Subfield statements and that's fine.


      The problem i have is i want to be able to select where a customer has no demographic.  For example the last 2 in the example above have no industry sector demographic so i would like to be able to display all customers who have no industry sector.


      whilst i can happily display the demographics that customers have i do not know how to display demographics they do not have?


      I have attached my qvw which might make things a bit clearer!?


      Any ideas greatly appreciated.

        • Displaying missing data (NULLs?)
          Kaushik Solanki



             Go to properties of pivot you have on sheet6 in your example. Presentation tab. Deselect "Suppress Zero Values.


             Hope this is what you want.



          Kaushik Solanki

          • Re: Displaying missing data (NULLs?)
            Paul Nockolds

            Thanks for the replies, i'll try and explain a bit better what i need to see/do...



            Customers can answer a number of demographic questions.  If they don't answer a particular question then there is no data for that customer with regards to that question.  The data comes from a 3rd party.


            I think i need to LOAD a table that as well as holding all the data for the questions they have answered (easy because i have that data) will also need to hold NULLs for the ones they haven't so i can then select these within the dashboard.


            My problem is i am not sure how to display the questions the customer hasn't answered as i do not have that data (see my original post for the data that i receive  e.g. the last 2 rows have no Industry Sector data because the customer did not answer that question)


            I've attached a small spreadsheet of what i would like to see.