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    Assigning Values and adding them together

    Jeremiah Bakerstull

      Good morning all,


      What I'm trying to do is assign a value to field if it's selected.


      What I achieved using formula below,.

      =if(Match(GetFieldSelections([Entry Exit Provider Name]),'LSS - FM Nancy''s Place'),39)


      Now if I select multiple fields, I want to add two values together that I assigned but the value shows up as zero.


      =if(Match(GetFieldSelections([Entry Exit Provider Name]),'LSS - FM Nancy''s Place'),39,

      if(Match(GetFieldSelections([Entry Exit Provider Name]),'LSS - FM Faith on 6th'),89))


      I also tried this formula (created by sunny). The formula below disregards the selections made. It just adds the values.


      =RangeSum(Avg({<[Entry Exit Provider Name] *= {'LSS - FM Faith on 6th'}>} 89),

      Avg({<[Entry Exit Provider Name] *= {'LSS - FM Nancy''s Place'}>} 39))

      I also tried this formula but sum add up to 23,585 (?).

      =Sum(If(Match([Entry Exit Provider Name],'LSS - FM Faith on 6th'),89,

      If(Match([Entry Exit Provider Name],'LSS - FM Nancy''''s Place'),39,0)))