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    Aggregate Question (not easy)

    Jeremiah Bakerstull

      Good afternoon,


      Below formula calucates the total number of days a person resides in a program during a service. 


      =If(substringcount([Exit Date],'.')=0,Floor(Num([Exit Date Adjusted])-[Entry Date]),Floor(Num('6/30/2018'-[Entry Date])))


      Is it possible to aggregate total number of days in a KPI? 


      I only have front in abilities.


      Sample Data      

      Client IdEntry Exit Provider NameEntry DateExit DateExit Date AdjustedDays in Program
      758LSS - FM Faith on 6th3/22/20184/5/20184/5/201814
      758LSS - FM Faith on 6th4/26/20186/4/20186/4/201839
      2134LSS - FM Faith on 6th3/30/20186/15/20186/15/201877
      2517LSS - FM Faith on 6th3/9/20185/9/20185/9/201861
      4586LSS - FM Nancy's Place2/10/2018-6/20/2018140
      4587LSS - FM Nancy's Place2/19/20185/4/20185/4/201874
      5128LSS - FM Nancy's Place5/19/20186/4/20186/4/201816
      5129LSS - FM Nancy's Place3/1/20184/11/20184/11/201841
      5196LSS - FM Faith on 6th3/6/2018-6/20/2018116
      6451LSS - FM Faith on 6th6/5/20186/6/20186/6/20181
      14320LSS - FM Faith on 6th4/8/2018-6/20/201883
      15950LSS - FM Faith on 6th5/24/2018-6/20/201837
      20358LSS - FM Nancy's Place3/7/20185/8/20185/8/201862