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    Changing the appearance of TreeView ListBox

      As per default, QlikView sets up TreeViews like so :



           |______CHILD 1

           |______CHILD 2

           |______CHILD 3

           |______CHILD 4


      How is it possible to Display the very same thing displaying the full child name, like so:



           |______PARENT CHILD 1

           |______PARENT CHILD 2

           |______PARENT CHILD 3

           |______PARENT CHILD 4


      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks a lot in advance,


        • Changing the appearance of TreeView ListBox

          Of course I could solve this by selecting a "TreeView-Friendly" name into my model as an additional dimension and use standard TreeView view with a specified separator char (here : #):


          Name     TreeViewName

          Parent     Parent

          Child1     Parent#Child1


          But What I mean is a ListBox-only implementation, a way to parameterize the checkbox functionality further than naming the separator char...