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    Group by Total Values

    Derek Emlet

      Hello Qlik Community,


      I have seen various ways to group data using aggr and I can't seem to get this to work.


      In a chart I have a dimension (UserID). I have a count of (Submissions). I can see how many Submissions each UserID has submitted. I want to group by these totals. For example I want to see how many Users submitted 1, or submitted 2, or submitted 47, etc...


      The ideal result would be seeing this in a histogram or other chart where I could see the Total Amount of Users per Submission totals.



      1,000 users had 1 submissions, 500 users has 2 submissions, etc.


      Any ideas? I am open to Data load editor, or set analysis - whichever would be best practice in your mind.


      Here is an example of what I was trying in set analysis, but couldn't get it to show up right in a table or chart. Please note I had some filters for the Submission type.


      =Aggr(Count({$<[SOURCE]={'sourcevalue'},[TYPE]={'typevalue'}>} DISTINCT SUBMISSIONID),USERID)