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    Need to know Cummulative percentage of sales

    yasdhan shaik



      i have just update cummulative sales on nozzles and i cant able to display cummulative percentage which i have used function like


      nozzle sales i display cummulative nozzle by using Rangesum(above(sum(totalsalesbasedon nozzles),0,rowno(total))) and it display

      everything and cummulative nozzle not in datasheet and it is on qlik inner and while i calculating  cummulative nozzle is there.


      Please Do needful

      what is the approached to be followed.


      num(((Sum([TOTAL SALES BASED ON NOZZLES (Ltr) (S)])/sum(TOTAL [Cummulative Variation])))*10,'##.00%') but values didnt not come as expected is there any code on this and please update .


      I just want to display percentage cummulative sales