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    Sum Measure Column Values into Texbox when rowno() used

    Roger Tritton

      Hi All,


      I'm probably not using the right search criteria as I can't find how to Sum the values of a Measure column (in a Table)  into a textbox when I have used the RowNo() function to calculate the values.


      Here's the scenario, when visiting a client to fix a system the 1st system (row)  costs a set amount and includes fixing 5 widgets, any subsequent systems fixed have a reduced cost which includes fixing 2 widgets.


      The formula.for the measure column is :


      =if(rowno(total) = 1,

      250 + (if([Total No of widgets] > 5, ([Total No of widgets]-5)*25, 0)),

      80 + (if([Total No of widgets] > 2, ([Total No of widgets]-2)*25, 0))



      Any pointers appreciated.