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      Hello everyone,


      my current load file is an excel file which is tracking individual sales of specific products.  One of the current fields loaded in is [Currency Code], and it has product about 20 local currencies as well as US$.  I also have two fields that display revenue for the individual product sales, so that if the product was sold in England and was made in pounds, the second revenue column will display the sales in equivalent US$.  My linearity chart is also able to be filtered by [Country], however because of the expression it only shows sales in equivalent US$, even if England is selected. 


      I would like to have an option to be able to change the chart to either show Local Currency, or US$.  I DON"T want to see 20 different types of currency though, simply Local Currency or US$.  So that Pounds would corrolate with England selected in the listbox [Country].  Mapping the correct currency to the correct country is not a problem.  I just need to be able to create (two buttons maybe) that would switch the list box selections from Local Currency (does not exist yet) to US$ and back.  I hope this is clear, feel free to ask me to clarify anything that isn't clear.


      I'm sure there is a way to do this and thank you all in advance for your help,

      Alex Fronczek

        • Currency Filter

          I am not sure though

          but you can try setting the moneyformat to different currency at the edit script.

          Let me know if it helps,




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            John Witherspoon

            See attached example.  It requires you to select your country and to choose from either your local currency or USD using list boxes.  The example as a whole may do more than you need, but it has expanded slowly over time as I add new requirements from the forum.  The example allows for the conversion rate to change over time, and for conversion rate changes to occur on dates that differ by currency.  Symbols, numeric formats, and date formats are all localized.  Well, sort of.  Right now, formats are associated directly with the currency and not with the country.  So if you choose USD as your currency type, you'll also get the US numeric and date formatting.  That may or may not be desirable.  If not, you could associate formats with the country instead of the currency.