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    how to import extension?

    Washington Luiz Vaz

      Everyone, all right?

      Sorry for such a basic question. It's an attempt to learn how to use Qlik Sense and I need to import an extension.

      Qlik (Qlik Manager Console) is not a Qlik (Qlik Manager Console) forum, but does not display the name of my server. I'm using my machine, (but not using localhost, nor the hostname, or anything).

      I tried through http: // localhost: 4848 / dev-hub / create an extension, but not how to download a qsVariable folder downloaded here: http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56728f52d1e497241ae697f8

      I tried to use Qlik Cloud, but I read that it does not have features in the free version.

      Lastly, it is not the video or the instructions that allow me this difficulty. The maximum extension I made this extension is available in the extensions directory in C: \ Users \ Washington Luiz \ Documents \ Qlik \ Sense \ Extensions.

      Someone please help me?

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          arvind pednekar

          If you are using Desktop Then do following steps:

          1.Download Zip file of extension.

          2.UnZip That file you will get one folder with extension name:

          3.Copy paste that folder into following path:



          Refresh qlik sense application



          If you are using qlik sense server then try this:


          1.download extension.zip

          2.open QMC and then select extensions from Start.

          3.Import and select the downloaded extens.zip


          refresh qlik sense